Module 03: Developing Talent

Identify and Build-Up the talents of your team

This module focuses on employee development and its importance for companies and SMEs as one of the most important talent management practices. It will provide you with a good introduction to the concept of employee development, to obtain a basic understanding of the process as well as guide you to commence working on introducing good practices and helpful digital tools in the workings of your organisation.

The unit will clearly define what we mean by the term employee development, so to help you get a clear conception of the term. Most importantly, it will clearly demonstrate the importance of employee development for enterprises in order to both ensure greater efficiency and productivity and to be competitive in their field, as well as a way to further motivate their staff, especially millennials, and elevate their capacity to retain valuable employees. Finally, it will clearly demonstrate the difference between development and training as a means to ensure a clear comprehension of the term.


  • Definition of Employee Development
  • Employee Development Vs Training
  • Employee Development Strategy


Unit 01 – What is employee development

This unit will help you to understand what an employee development plan is, showcasing the different forms it can have. Moreover, it will present the different steps companies and managers can take in formulating an employee development plan emphasizing the need to get staff involved in the process, invest in both personal and professional development as well as constantly evaluating and monitoring the process.

This unit will introduce and highlight the importance of putting a structured employee development plan in place, one that ensures that SMEs’ drive, support and help their employees to grow and be conducted in an effective manner. Most importantly, it will provide SME executives with guidelines on how to proceed in setting such a plan in place.


  • The process of setting in place an Employee Development plan
  • Different types of employee development plans


Unit 02 – Employee Development Plan

Exercise – Employee Development Plan

Worksheet – Personal Growth Plan

Worksheet – Performance Improvement Plan

Worksheet 02 – Performance Improvement Plan

This unit builds on the terms and concepts already presented in this module and aims to afford you with advice, also directing you to good practices and useful tools, in order to pursue the development of your staff. In doing so, it highlights the role of executives in this process as well as the importance of good internal communication for effective employee development to be achieved. Most importantly, it introduces learners to methods, tools and ways they can use in order to set and successfully implement an employee development plan.
This unit can be the “go to guide” for SME executives when they are in the process of developing and implementing employee development schemes. It will provide them with practical tips as well as a list of effective tools and approaches they can apply throughout this process.


  • Internal communication and Employee Development
  • Methods, tools and approaches for employee development



Worksheet – Personal Development Plan Template and Example

Worksheet – Personal Growth Plan Template and Example