Overall there is no doubt about the fact that there is still some kind of difference and gap between models and approaches in the business world and the (VET) education systems in Europe. All approaches, instruments, methods etc. in education and VET (e.g. ECVET, learning outcomes approach, NQF and its descriptors and levels etc.) have so far not found its full immersion in the business and enterprises. To overcome these differences and barriers it is certainly necessary to make use of principles and developments in the business world and use them as bridging factor towards the important and well established European VET principles. Out of our experience from representation and support of business and companies we can clearly see that there is one megatrend upcoming which so far:

  • has not fully entered especially the world and thinking of smaller enterprises (SMEs) and
  • has the huge potential to act as a translator between business world and education world
  • Talent Management can be seen as huge potential to bridge the gap between business and education systems.


The Talent 4.0 Project wants to achieve four aims

  1. Analysis of the current situation of talent management especially in SMEs in Europe with a special focus on identifying overlaps and synergies with European VET policies and instruments (e.g. ECVET instruments, EQF/NQF descriptors, learning outcome approach etc.) and deduction of needs and requirements on the level of training and (web 4.0 based) instruments
  2. Development of knowledge, skills and competences in SMEs about talent management and talent analytics (web4.0 based) as well as European VET policies and instruments which support the talent management process
  3. Development of a collection of instruments and tools about talent management and talent analytics (with special focus on web 4.0 based instruments for talent analytics)
  4. Achieving a better understanding on company level for European VET policies and instruments via the “translation tool” of talent management