Talent 4.0 Online Conference 2021

Talent Management 4.0 in times of Pandemic Online Conference on 22.03.2021

The most valuable assets for your sustainable business success in these volatile days are people. But not just any people:

  • Motivated, high performing people
  • Their skills and knowledge
  • Their creative potential and
  • Their openness to learn and grow.
 Talent Management 4.0 seems to be the most promising approach for companies to attract and maintain these key people and talents to better deal with a fast-changing world and global developments like the Covid-19 pandemic, demographic and climate change, digitisation, automation, and globalisation.

The Talent 4.0 online conference aims to support SMEs, HR professionals, business advisors as well as coaches and educators in this field to navigate through this unsteady period of the COVID-19 pandemic, using suitable talent management practices and tools.

 Through this event, we will give SMEs and HR professionals access to a range of experiences that they can use to manage their employee attraction, motivation and retention practices during a pandemic. This session includes inputs from SMEs from across Europe who will share their experiences as well as presentations from experts in this field.

We will also share a Toolkit for Talent Management that they can use in their work to support businesses who are currently managing staff during these difficult and unprecedented times. Our aim is to provide all participants with an engaging and worthwhile event that will bring practical and tangible benefits for businesses and business support staff across Europe.

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22.03.2021, 13:30 – 18:00 (CET)

Online via Zoom

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