Talent 4.0 Toolbox

Toolbox for Talent Management 4.0

Talent Management has become one of the key pillars and most current topics in HR. It involves and combines the use of a wide array of digital instruments and approaches making it a holistic and continuous process to drive performance and growth. As a result, successful talent management has become an essential parameter for the success of companies inspiring the development of numerous tools to support them in its efficient undertaking. These tools appear in various forms such as education and specialization mediums, web-based platforms, applications and checklists.
Talent 4.0 has developed a toolbox featuring a selection of useful and practical resources catered explicitly for your needs as a small and medium sized company that SMEs, Consultants, Education & HR Professionals and Experts, as well as anyone else with interest in the field, can easily benefit from.  
To support the easy browsing and exploration of the resources available, the toolbox divides them into the five main pillars of Talent Management. Each tool is presented separately and visitors are given clear information about its type, scope and target group as well as the cost if any it entails.
Go through our Toolbox check out the selection of Tools and Good Practices Talent 4.0 partners have accumulated to support and help SMEs. Browsing the Toolbox you will find an assortment of Tools and Good Practices that include:

• Management Platforms/ HR Online Software
• Online Guides
• Surveys
• Evaluation Forms
• eBooks
• Webinars – eCourses
• Podcasts

All resources published here have been made available for free use under a creative commons license deed allowing free, non commercial use with reference to the authors and funding programme. (CC BY-NC 4.0) Click here to access the license deed.