Module 01: Check-in to Talent Management 4.0

Getting started with Talent Management

This module will support you to understand the necessity and the background of modern talent management and how it can help you to improve your HR activities to better achieve your business goals – find the right people, put them in the right position and make them want to stay. 

It will guide you with your first steps like talent definitions, strategy design and competency modelling.


This learning unit sensitizes you for carefully looking at the definition of talent (in a business context) as something highly subjective, individual, and agile that is driven by specific organizational and sector demands and nothing universal. E.g., products and services in many industries are changing due to digitization. This change directly affects the specific demands regarding professional know-how and skills. Talent therefore is nothing static, rather something constantly evolving. This unit aims for sharpening the reflection on “Talent Management for Industry 4.0 demands” for your business and helping you steer your focus to what really matters.


  • Societal, cultural and economic factors that impact on businesses and their Talent Management efforts
  • Approaches to Talent and Talent Management
  • Talent Management for Industry 4.0 / SMEs and what it is specifically.
  • Typical elements of an inclusive Talent Management Model
  • Formulating a creed and identifying the essence of your business – creating the first step towards Talent Management


Unit 01 – Getting started with Talent Management 4.0

Worksheet 01.1 – Defining Talent

Worksheet 01.2 – Creating your creed

This learning unit helps you to draw your attention to the key factors critical to your success in order to connect your talent management actions with your business strategy, current and future internal and external factors that influence your business. This is a necessary preparatory step to take in order to create a sustainable talent management system. A good talent management strategy is able to clearly identify and address current challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic, digitization, automation, shortage of specialized workforce, cultural change, climate change and others.


  • Ingredients of a successful talent strategy
  • Analysis of situation and definition of goals
  • Design of a talent management strategy action plan


Unit 02 – Creating your own Talent Management Strategy

Talent Strategy Tool

This final learning unit of Module 01 consists of very important core steps towards successful talent management. It enables you to clearly define competencies and behaviors critical to your success, identify crucial talent (segments) and systematically assess and plan for the future.

If these steps are done properly, they will support all your important talent management efforts and HR processes to be successful. These tasks form the preliminary stage of all future talent analytics and web 4.0-based activities.


  • Talent Segmentation
  • Competency models and planning
  • Tools for your next talent management steps


Unit 03 – Getting started with Talent segmentation and building of competencies

Talent Segmentation Tool

Worksheet 01.3 – Defining crucial competencies

Competency Planning Tool

Self-assessment form for Module 01 to check your knowledge

Module 01 Checklist – the most important steps for getting started with Talent Management 4.0