Module 05: Retaining Talent

Offering prospects for lasting commitment

This module will focus on talent retention in organizations. Companies nowadays move in a rapidly changing and highly complex environment, so human resources experts and managers are well aware of the importance of human capital or, as it is now often called, human talent. In this way, and taking into account the competitiveness that exists between companies in terms of talent, we consider it important to talk about the aspects to be taken into account in the retention process. Throughout this module, we will talk about the importance of establishing a good work climate, the performance and career management within the company and the alignment of employees towards the company´s goal.
This module is designed to help managers and HR professionals in SMEs develop them talent retention`s key aspects. In addition, a series of tools will be provided to facilitate the implementation process in the organizations.

Organizational culture refers to the shared assumptions, values, and beliefs that affect the behavior of employees. This module will address key aspects of talent retention in terms of organizational culture as well as company values, transparency, flexibility and leadership style. It will also include some tools to help companies achieve a good working environment in order to retain relevant talent.
This module will help to promote an optimal organizational culture to promote talent retention. The information provided can be applied in any company that wants to develop innovative ways of retaining talent.


  • Organizational Culture
  • Organizational characteristics that promote talent retention
  • How to improve organizational alignment


Unit 01 – Strong Organisational Culture

It is commonly said when companies invest in employees, employees invest in companies – with satisfaction, engagement and longevity. It is exactly for this reason that this module will deal with aspects related to training, performance and career management in order to help organizations to improve the commitment of their employees. In addition, resources will be provided and companies can access for information about how to enhance the desire of its employees to stay in the company voluntarily and feeling part of it.
This module can help companies to develop action plans that help their employees’ loyalty in a dynamic way.


At the end of this learning unit you will be able to improve Employee Motivation with helpful tips and best practice by:

  • Improving internal communications
  • Building a positive workplace environment
  • Creating a positive company culture
  • Motivating / Rewarding your employees
  • Tips on how to improve Employee Motivation


Why is employee alignment with organizational objectives so important? How do you effectively communicate the company’s goals, values and mission to your entire workforce?
For answering these questions, the first thing that must be done is to define what organizational alignment is and its importance. Also, we must know which are the steps that need be taken to develop it.


  • Organizational Alignment
  • The sense of belonging
  • How to improve organizational alignment


Slides and resources Unit 03 – How to improve employee alignment