Tool 09: Recruitee Talent Acquisition Platform

Recruitee - Talent Aquisition Platform

Talent Management Pilar: Attract

Type of Tool: Online Talent Acquisition platform

Target Group: HR Beginner to Advanced

Languages: English, German, French, Dutch


Recruitee is a Talent Acquisition Platform specifically designed to support businesses - from SMEs to a large corporation- to source the right talent and to automate many of the tasks associated with sourcing and finding the best candidates for the job. It is available across Europe; however, the online platform is currently only available in English. As well as sourcing candidates from the primary job advertisement platforms in different European countries, the platform also allows HR managers and employers to source candidates from social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Dribble and GitHub.


This tool aims to support HR managers and employers to streamline their recruitment processes and attract candidates from across Europe. The platform states that HR professionals and recruiters spend on average 8 hours per week on remedial, repetitive tasks related to savings CVs and applications, sending emails and arranging interviews, etc. By using the Recruitee platform, recruiters could streamline this process as they provide automated CV and application import when a response to a job ad is received. It also facilitates the scheduling of job interviews and updated applicant tracking.


One of the main issues affecting SMEs when it comes to talent management is a lack of time to invest in robust talent management processes. With Recruitee, many of the processes associated with attracting the right talent are taken care of through the platform and many of remedial tasks, which take time away from busy managers, can be automated.

Price: The tool is initially available on a free trial, or as a complimentary demo before signing up. However, once the free trial expires, pricing in split across three different levels which differ only in the number of job openings you can advertise and the number of talent pools you can create. .