Tool 06: Bamboo HR

Talent Management Pilar: Check-in, Attract, Develop, Retain

Type of Tool: HR Software Solution (HRIS)

Target Group: HR Beginner to Advanced

Languages: English


The BambooHR platform allows business owners and HR managers to collect and organise all the information they gather on individual employees throughout their employment in the company. From new application tracking for new recruits to performance reviews for established employees; from on-boarding to off-boarding, BambooHR allows HR professionals and employers to collect, store and analyze information on all employees. Moreover, it provides insights into how changes can allow HR managers to get the best out of talent in their company and so that the company can go on to achieve greater things.


The central idea behind BambooHR is that it takes all of the pain out of the paperwork of HR and allows managers and employers the additional time they need to focus more on attracting, developing, motivating and retaining the actual people they hire.


Bamboo HR was set up to address the talent management needs of SMEs and offers a one-stop-shop for everything an SME might require in the field. Reviews of the service equate BambooHR to having an actual HR professional working in their SME, developing talent management programmes that are specific to the company. Consequently, it would be a good resource for SMEs to use, especially those who are new to talent management or who are struggling to keep up to date with the talent demands of the company.

Price: BambooHR requires businesses to pay for the use of their platform. However, as their use of BambooHR is fully customizable, SMEs will need to log on to this web page and choose which features of talent management they would like their package to include.