Tool 04: HR Basics

HR Basics: Youtube Playlist

Talent Management Pilar: Check-in, General, Introduction

Type of Tool: Youtube Video Playlist

Target Group: HR Beginner to Intermediate

Languages: English


A series of videos providing a concise introduction to various terms and approaches in regards to human resources management and Talent Management, helping viewers develop their knowledge and conception of the field. Each video offers a brief presentation of a term and helps viewers attain an understanding of what its term entails and its importance in the workings of a corporation.


HR Basics video series, features a series of short courses, specifically designed to highlight what it´s needed to know about each particular human resource management topic. Ultimately, the series wishes to help professionals and executives with an interest in the field to elevate their knowledge and skills in Human Resource Management.


This tool can be used in SMEs business as the very first resource to know which concepts are associated with talent management and what areas of the company can be involved to manage it.

Price: HR Basics videos are free.