Tool 04: Motivosity social platform

Motivosity social platform

Talent Management Pilar: Motivate, Retain

Type of Tool: Social Platform, App

Target Group: Basic experience / Executives / HR / Employees

Languages: English


Motivosity is a peer recognition and employee feedback software platform via which employees can recognize and express their appreciation to their co-workers for their contribution to the company. It is also a useful tool for companies to build up the collaboration between their team and elevate engagement. Through the motivosity platform, employees and managers can thank each other with small monetary rewards for the great work that is being done. The appreciations are then posted in a social feed for everyone in the company to see - which improves collaboration and employee satisfaction.


Employees are equally enthused about having the ability to praise someone, as they are about receiving praise publicly. Two core needs: employees want to be appreciated and visible - they want peers and supervisors to have insight into what they're doing. The open currency and rewards show employees that the recognition system isn't a cheap game, but a legit way for employees to be a part of an organization where great work is valued.


The platform and its features can be used by any organizations that want to give employees control of monetary rewards and provide their team an organization chart.

Price: Free trial version available.