Tool 05: Factorial

Talent Management Pilar: Check-in, General, Attract, Develop

Type of Tool: Web-based HR Software (HRIS) for SMEs

Target Group: HR Beginner to Advanced

Languages: English


Factorial is a HR software that supports SMEs in their human resources processes. The platform provides functions for centralized document management, employee benefits administration as well as an organization chart generator and a shared calendar for the employees of a company. Additionally, it features a compensation management application through which users can manage employee payroll, dole out bonuses based on individual, team, or company goals and even optimize the offering of benefits like gym memberships or commuter reimbursement. It also produces automatically generated reports that can help users monitor everything from absenteeism to age distribution and turnover rate.


Factorial provides a simple and easy-to-use tool with everything that a business might need to manage Human Resources. The platform helps speed up and simplify HR processes so that SME owners/manager/executives can improve the management of their team, reduce structural costs and improve decision making


The platform is specifically designed to be available for free to SMEs and to help ease their operations. Factorial has multiple features that users can choose from and SMEs can benefit from to improve the management of their business and their employees. These include: Document Manager, Reports & Analytics, Holidays & Absences, Employee Portal, Organizational Chart, Time Tracking.

Price: Factorial is a paid service. Costs depend on the number of employees managed.