Tool 06: Clear Company Talent Management Platform

ClearCompany Talent Management Platform

Talent Management Pilar: Develop, Motivate, Retain

Type of Tool: Online Platform

Target Group: Intermediate to Advanced; Managers, Executives, HR Staff

Languages: English


ClearCompany offers a holistic talent management support to businesses of all sizes, providing HR managers and employers with a wide array of resources and tools as well as examples to help them design tailored and engaging on-boarding programmes for new recruits. These include a range of tips and “do’s” and “don’t’s” for proper onboarding as well as a dedicated online portal where employers can register new recruits and develop their own onboarding programme, that is tailored to their company and each individual recruit. This portal also allows other team members from the same company to create profiles and provide online support to the new recruit while it can also be used by employers to track the progress of new employees and to prepare for performance appraisals of new staff.


ClearCompany aims to support companies to attract, develop and retain what they term as ‘A Players’. It wishes to secure ideal candidates for all clients and then to support them in further developing their talent.


ClearCompany can be used by SMEs who want to get the most out of new staff in their companies. With this on-boarding portal, SMEs can create tailored onboarding programmes, create user accounts online and then the portal facilitate the new employees so that they get the support they need. As such, it is a useful tool for SMEs who want to develop their onboarding processes.

Price: ClearCompany allows different pricing options based on client needs. They offer programmes which grant full access to the platform, and also modular programmes, which allow client companies to choose whether they want to access the application tracking, onboarding or performance management sections of the platform.