Tool 04: HR Management: Training and Development

HR Management: Training and Development (Video)

Talent Management Pilar: Develop, Motivate, Retain

Link: HR Management: Training and Development

Source: Indiana University Southeast

Type of Tool: Video

Target Group: intermediate; HR-responsible

Languages: English


An educational video that explains the concept of employee training and presents its necessary steps as well as actions needed for preparation in each step. The need for training is highlighted while viewers are given a ‘heads up’ on things they should be watching for and prepare when developing training programmes for their employees.


The video illustrates the key concepts of training and the rationale behind it as well as presents useful tips for developing the talents of employees.


Executives and individuals with interest in the field can use this tool to understand why training is necessary, how it works and what to take into account when designing actions for employee development. It is a short video and can be accessed through different devices.

Price: The video is free.