Tool 01: Talent Management Tutorial

Talent Management Tutorial from Tutorialspoint

Talent Management Pilar: Check-in, General, Introduction

Type of Tool: Online Recruiting Software

Target Group: No pre-knowledge necessary, Beginner

Languages: English


A website that offers a tutorial on talent management featuring information and resources that affords visitors what the process entails, its benefits and importance. It provides basic explanations and sub-pages that are more detailed if the reader wishes to inform him/herself on more on specific areas of talent management, such as processes, approaches and methods.

The tool aims to give the reader basic knowledge and understanding about talent management as a whole as well as guide him/her to emulate and utilize approaches and tools to improve in specific or all of the pillars of talent management. .

The tool is easily accessible and divided into many small sub-pages, which makes it useful for anyone working with people. The amount of time spend on reading can be chosen individually and it can be accessed from different devices.

Price: The use of the website does not entail any cost to the user.