Tool 08: Cornerstone Solutions

Cornerstone Solutions

Talent Management Pilar: General, Attract, Develop, Motivate, Retain

Type of Tool: Talent Management Software – cloud based

Target Group: HR Intermediate to Advanced

Languages: 60 Languages


Cornerstone is a comprehensive platform that offers an end-to-end integrated, people-centric Talent Management suite that helps companies identify, attract the best talent as well as motivate and further develop it so that it can contribute to their success. At the same time, it affords the tools and the capacity for them to engage their staff and help them further their knowledge and skills to fulfill their career and personal goals in their everyday work.


This tool is designed to support the entire Talent Management Process as well as parts of traditional HR tasks offering dynamic technology to support both company executives and their employees in developing skills, coaching for growth to creating a culture that engages and inspires.


This tool is an advanced resource to support for companies of all sizes and is designed to accommodate any local and any language or regulation.

Price: Interested parties can book a demo for this tool and then can request a quote directly from the platform.