Tool 07: Netigate Surveys

Netigate Surveys

Talent Management Pilar: Develop, Motivate, Retain

Link: Netigate Surveys

Source: Netigate

Type of Tool: online surveys and analysis tools – with apps available

Target Group: Ranges from small businesses to large enterprises

Languages: English


A platform for online surveys and analysis tools that provides a simple yet effective way for companies to evaluate their employees’ engagement and status. Consequently, managers and HR professionals have access to ‘real-time’ and comprehensive insights on the status of their team allowing them to design and undertake their approach and strategy of engagement in order to ensure their development, elevated motivation and as a result lower turnover of staff.


The platform presents a highly effective tool that allows companies to collect information and feedback from employees in regards to their operations and staff engagement, affording managers and executives with invaluable insights that can guide them in developing their talent management strategy.


This tool is designed to fit everything from a Micro-enterprise to larger organizations while its surveys/templates are very easy to use both via desktops and mobile phones.

Price: There is a 30-days free trial on each of the three levels the tool is available. Following, interested companies are required to send a price request to be given a quote based on the number of users and employees.