Tool 05: MentorcliQ

MentorcliQ - Virtual Employee mentoring

Talent Management Pilar: Develop, Motivate, Retain

Type of Tool: Online Platform, App

Target Group: Managers, Executives, HR Staff, Employees

Languages: English


75% of millennials in employment state that they would like a mentor in work. Thus, taking into consideration that millennials will soon make up the majority of the workforce, it is important that employers invest in their mentoring supports for employees. Mentorcliq allows employers to build a bespoke mentoring programme for their company using its portal where all processes are managed via the online platform that involves employees creating accounts and then being matched with suitable mentors in the client company. Mentorcliq also allows mentoring partnerships to set and achieve common goals for the mentoring partnership. The platform also provides structure, support and guidance to employees participating in the mentoring programme.


Mentorcliq is a full-featured mentoring software system for recruiting, enrolling, matching, managing, and measuring mentoring participants. It is based on a four-step process to set up and facilitate mentoring. The first is ‘launch’, this is where you engage employees in mentoring. The next is ‘match’ where employees are matched with their mentor. Following this is ‘mentor’ where individual employees work together to achieve mentoring goals. The final step is called ‘measure’ where Mentorcliq uses key performance metrics to assess how mentoring partnerships are progressing and what improvements can be made.


This platform helps to take the hassle out of setting up and managing an in-house mentoring programme by providing a platform where the matches can be made, monitored and managed.

Price: The platform offers a free demo-trial version and interested parties need to contact Mentorcliq in order to set it up and if interested explore the packages and pricing options for the full-fledged programme.