Tool 05: Greenhouse Recruiting Solutions

Greenhouse Recruiting Solutions

Talent Management Pilar: Attract

Type of Tool: Online Recruiting Software

Target Group: HR Beginner to Intermediate

Languages: English


Greenhouse is a ‘for pay’ Talent Acquisition software that supports small and medium sized companies in their recruitment process. The platform helps corporations to elevate their effectiveness in hiring, by “improving the process for everyone involved – from hiring managers and recruiters to candidates themselves”. Most importantly, through its site, Greenhouse offers a wide array of free resources that can help visitors enhance their knowledge, understanding and skills in recruitment and hence attraction of Talent. These include eBooks, Webinars, Case Studies, Success Stories as well as a regularly updated blog featuring articles with information and advice on the field.


The platform features a selection of solutions and resources that can help inform, educate and guide executives and managers through the recruitment process, thus helping them boost their capacity to attract and select the most suited individuals for the needs of their company/organization.


This tool is open and easy to use, so that any executive, manager or an individual with interest in the field can browse through the resources available and take advantage from the ones that best fit his/her needs or interests.

Price: Guidance resources are free but the online software solutions are a paid service.