Tool 01: Employer Branding Podcast

The employer Branding Podcast- Using Employer Brand to Attract Young Talent, with Jörgen Sundberg and Lane Sutton

Talent Management Pilar: Attract

Type of Tool: Podcast

Target Group: HR Beginner to Intermediate; Marketing;

Languages: English


A Podcast hosted by Jörgen Sundberg, CEO of Link Humans, that invites international employer brand leaders, rebels, and innovators to share their favorite tactics and strategies for talent attraction & employer branding. The Episodes are around 20 minutes long with an easy to follow Q&A format giving listeners insights and practical tips from a wide array of industries and companies in employee attraction. They also appear remixed as articles on the Link Humans blog and Undercover Recruiter — a popular resource on modern recruiting.


The podcasts provide listeners with the opportunity to learn practical talent attraction & employer branding strategies from the best in the business.


Listeners are presented with the opportunity to enhance their conception and knowledge on employer branding and most importantly take up practical tips and effective practices they can employ in the working of their own company.

Price: The podcast is free.